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Patent Plus

The PATENT PLUS Programme is a financial support instrument with the main purpose of  increasing the intellectual property management effectiveness via patenting.
The PATENT PLUS Programme was created to encourage both scientists and management of research entities to file for legal protection of results of research and studies carried out by them. Its main objective is an increase in number of patent applications leading to a better protection of industrial property rights in Poland by way of co-funding or refunding of costs incurred by submittal of a patent application.  The implementation of the programme should make it easier to attract business partners, and, in an indirect manner, result in an intensified commercialization of developed inventions.

Innovativeness creator

The development of contemporary economy calls for an intense cooperation of science and economy. Creativity and innovation are important factors in enhancing the competitiveness of any economy. The Innovativeness Creator Programme enables the implementation of projects encouraging broadly taken research and development commercialization.
Its purpose is to stimulate actions taken by public research organizations and businesses in order to commercialize scientific knowledge and know-how, i.a. through:

  • development of public research unit-to-business R&D commercialization systems,
  • intensifying information, educational and training activity related to the commercialization of scientific knowledge and know-how,
  • promoting and propagating enterpreneurship among students, graduates, university staff and researchers.

The Program is expected to contribute to the increase in number of commercialized technologies and solutions, and:

  • to increase the number of commercialized innovative technologies and solutions,
  • to develop a network of units aimed at supporting entrepreneurship among scientists,
  • to seriously raise the efficiency and effectiveness of actions taken by entities propagating entrepreneurship,
  • to divulge and generalize information on opportunities and benefits generated as a result of establishing companies on the grounds of intellectual property rights and, in the second place, foundation of this kind of companies,
  • to propagate good practices of commercialization of knowledge and know-how and copyright protection.


INNOTECH is a programme whose aim is to help research entities and businesses carry out innovative projects representing various scientific areas and industrial sectors (In-Tech programme path), with a special focus on advanced technologies (Hi-Tech programme path).
It is addressed to entities involved in research projects and preparatory studies preceding the implementation of research results, whose purpose is to develop and implement innovative technologies, products or services.
INNOTECH has two paths: In-Tech and Hi-Tech, addressed to two different categories of beneficiaries, whose projects are co-funded with different public funding instruments.
Main objectives of the INNOTECH Programme include:

  • increase in number of developed and implemented technological innovations,
  • increase businesses’ spending on scientific research and development valuable from the economic point of view,
  • reinforce the cooperation between universities and public research units.

INNOTECH shall encourage businesses to invest in research and development and strengthen relations between science and business. Initial budget focus will be on research entities and on companies interested in and capable of applying the results of performed research in the economic environment.
INNOTECH’s mission is to contribute to the increased share of advanced technology products in the revenues of companies involved in the Programme, which, in the long term, translates itself into the foundations of dynamic increase of advanced technology products’ share in the Polish GDP.


The purpose of the LIDER Programme is to help young scientists learn how to plan research on their own, manage and lead their own research team while carrying out projects likely to be implemented on the market. 

The LIDER Programme is also aimed at encouraging scientists to cooperate with businesses while performing economically valuable and implementable studies and research and enhancing mobility and exchange between research sectors, universities and research units.

This edition of the programme is addressed to individuals under 35 years of age who meet detailed eligibility criteria listed in section „LIDER III”.


The main purpose of this programme is to the support for the commercialization of technologies.

It was launched to strengthen the cooperation between businesses and highly qualified experts in science and research. Companies which benefit from this program are granted funds for hiring a scientist and purchase of so-called innovation encouragement services (e.g. rental of research equipment or obtention of certificates) for innovative projects which they implement.

The programme is addressed to micro, small and medium companies wishing to carry out projects which consist in the development and/or implementation of technological innovations based on the commercial application of research results.


This programme’s objective is to raise the efficiency and effectiveness of technology transfer between science and economy.  Its beneficiaries – either scientific entities or micro, small and medium companies willing to carry out projects aimed at commercialization of research results and technology transfer – can apply for funding of consulting services rendered by technology brokers.

The programme’s mission is to support the sector of consulting services relating to technology trade agency business, which is an important element of the system which enables technology transfer processes in Poland.

Besides technology transfer consulting services, the Programme offers possibilities of purchase of consulting services with regard to industrial property protection and licensing agreements. Projects implemented within the confines of BroTech shall also make it possible for the Applicant and technology buyer/seller to start a dialog and sign a transfer agreement.

We are pleased to inform that on 26 August 2016, the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) along with the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) launched the 2nd call for joint proposals in the following areas of mutual interest...
The NCBR received 51 project proposals. After the eligibility check 45 proposals were found eligible and were evaluated by the external experts.
On 21 June 2016 the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Poland and the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China signed a Letter of Intent for Cooperation in Joint Research and Development.
The National Centre of Research and Development (NCRD) is looking for candidates for experts in the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (SG OP). The deadline for submitting application is the 10th of February, 2016, at 16:30.
The National Centre of Research and Development (NCRD) is looking for candidates for experts in the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020 (SG OP). The deadline for submitting application is the 16th of December 2016, at 16:30.
The National Centre for Research and Development - Programme Operator of the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme together with Research Council of Norway are pleased to invite you to the Norway Grants funded conference: Together for Innovation in Health.
As of 26 August 2016, Professor Aleksander M. Nawrat has been appointed Deputy Director of the NCBR. He is a Professor of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and an expert in R&D for science, defence industry and government agencies.
Bacteria laser identification technology, digital portfolio platform and foetal heart rate monitoring device - all these are products of Polish entrepreneurs which were among the 32 winning projects in GO_GLOBAL.PL competition organised by the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).
Micro- and SMEs will compete for a total of PLN 750 million. This is the amount of funding available for industrial research and development work in another competition under the so-called Fast Track.

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