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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 200244




Project title: Safeguarding the polar environment with novel microwave and lightweight antenna technologies


Acronym: SEMLA


Project Promoter: Wroclaw University of Technology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Gersemia - Bekkadal Consultancy and Engineering Services


Project cost (EUR): 860 878


Grant amount (EUR): 860 878

Duration: 42 months






Project summary:

The foremost objective of this research project is to develop new inventive microwave antenna subsystems that make use of recent advancements in electromagnetics and digital techniques, to facilitate accurate and resilient radar surveillance and robust broadband communications to safeguard the environment in general, and particularly for use in harsh environments like polar regions and other remote and/or hardly accessible areas being extremely vulnerable to environmental hazards. Such antennas are being addressed in the research carried out in advanced military and space laboratories. The project is being executed under partnership arrangements between Wroclaw University of Technology  and Gersemia - Bekkadal Consultancy and Engineering Services (Trondheim), additionally involving the following R&D entities in Norway: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) - Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications (IET), SINTEF Information and Communication Technology (ICT), MARINTEK - a company in the SINTEF Group performing R&D for companies in the field of marine technologies.
Key research issues include:
Ultra-light multi-polarization and multiband antenna elements and associated microwave components of antenna feeding networks made in panels of composite materials.
Design and development of a multi-task processor system, radar aperture synthesis and implementation of signal processing methods in polarimetric radars.
Antenna elements and their microwave feeding circuits, integrated with solar cell panels.
Integration of components of a composite microwave antenna system and adaptation of its parameters for use on aircrafts and in marine applications.
Novel radar surveillance antenna concepts for environmental monitoring.

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