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CORE; Programme area: gender equality and work-life balance; ID: 203550



Project title: Polish female migrants and their families
- a study of care deficit




Project Promoter: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin\The Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: University of Bergen, Faculty of Social Sciences


Project cost (EUR): 414 291


Grant amount (EUR): 414 291

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

The project covers issues concerning care deficits in Polish families related to Poles’ labour migration. The deficit is observed in the care on children and migrants’ elderly parents. It changes both intragenerational and intergenerational reciprocity norms in the family institution and relations with the social surrounding. Therefore, the project is comprised in  prioritised research area: the issues of migration and social cohesion. The project also covers the issues concerning the effectiveness of public institutions. The central aim of this project is to explore the concept of different dimensions of care deficit (for example: children rearing, healthcare) and examine how it can be related to migration. The project has both theoretical and practical aims. The theoretical aims include the definition of the scale of care deficit in Polish families. Achieving theoretical objective will allow to form changes proposals in social policy, with the consideration for particular social actors. The project results will increase the knowledge on social and economic consequences of women’s migration. Another project result is to build an innovative model of local and national social policy. Additionally, on the basis of this workshop the curriculum for post-graduate studies and under-graduated students will be prepared. The results will enrich the knowledge on the lives of Polish female migrants in Norway and the situations of their families in Poland. The knowledge may be used to develop support programs for women and their families in both Poland and Norway. Additionally, on the basis of this workshop the curriculum for post-graduate studies and under-graduated students will be prepared and introduced to the program of the study for university of both partners. Participation of student and representatives of social care institutions in the research process will redefine their knowledge and sometimes also stereotypes on female migrants and their children.


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