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CORE; Programme area: health; ID: 196065



Project title: Prematurity epigenome and proteome as a clue for prediction of prematurity complications


Acronym: NEOMICS


Project Promoter: Jagiellonian University - Medical College


Polish partners: Medical University of Warsaw


Norwegian Partners: University of Oslo


Project cost (EUR): 951 118

Grant amount (EUR): 951 118


Duration: 43 months



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Project summary:

Progress achieved in the development of intensive care in the past few decades has resulted in increased survival of the smallest infants. The improved survival of very preterm infants has led to an increased rate of complications, which is the underlying reason for a higher rate of infant mortality and morbidity.
The pathomechanisms of complications of prematurity have not fully yet been discovered. The project represents an approach that should shed light on the pathomechanism of complications of prematurity.
The study will be started simultaneously in two countries. The Norwegian partner will start with animal experiments. Experimental models for oxygen related diseases in premature newborn babies will be used.
During the same time Polish partners will conduct a study in neonatal units. Detailed data concerning the enviromental and genetic risk factors and prevalence of complications of prematurity will be noted.
The current project represents an unique approach to complications of prematurity which combines both experimental studies together with the assessment of the newborns. During both experiments material for laboratory evaluation will be collected.
The study shall employ various modern techniques, which shall allow the reliable assessment of practically the whole pathway from genome methylation, RNA expression to proteome.
Identification of factors involved in pathogenesis of diseases caused by prematurity could help in developing new and innovative treatments.


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