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CORE; Programme area: social sciences and bilateral relations; ID: 197905



Project title: Doing family in transnational context. Demographic choices, welfare adaptations, school integration and every-day life of Polish families living in Polish-Norwegian transnationality




Project Promoter: Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Faculty of Philosophy


Polish partners: Center for International Relations


Norwegian Partners: Agderforskning - Agder Research; Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences


Project cost (EUR): 881 837


Grant amount (EUR): 881 837

Duration: 39 months






Project summary:

According to a report based on National Census 2011, about 2 million Poles live abroad, and, significantly, 1.5 million of them have lived abroad for a year or longer, demonstrating that Poland is a country strongly embedded in the global migration system. Our intention is to undertake a multidimensional analysis of migration processes in the context of transnationality. The project theme is an exploration of the processes of “doing families” in the context of migration and (re)integration, both in Norway and Poland. We plan to look beyond the home-host country connections and focus on the practices of migrants and non-migrants, as well as on institutional migration-related actors’ activity. Beside the research and examining the policies we plan to prepare and execute workshops for Norwegian social workers to facilitate their cooperation with migrants, particularly in the areas of family and/or education and establish a pilot-programme of inter-cultural education workshops for Polish schools accommodating children of migrants and return migrants.The main project outcomes are: policy recommendations and tools designed for use in policy-development; knowledge sharing & dissemination;  fostering collaborations & networking. Our project will strengthen the visibility of the Polish-Norwegian migration flow, put the subject on the map of academic and policy-relevant inquiry, as well as facilitate communication between public authorities and civil society. To the main target groups belong migrant families, social workers  and Polish schools authorities. The consortium binds together Jagiellonian University, a social sciences research institutes Agder Research and NOVA and a non-governmental think-tank Center for International Relations. The consortium is constructed to provide theoretical knowledge combined with practical research and evaluation of policy and its composition fully meets the needs of the research aimed at improving policy learning in order to promote an inclusive society.


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