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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 199100



Project title: Influence of bioethanol fuels treatment for operational performance, ecological properties and GHG emissions of spark ignition engine




Project Promoter: Oil and Gas Institute


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Western Norway Research Institute (WNRI)


Project cost (EUR): 942 524


Grant amount (EUR): 942 524

Duration: 30 months






Project summary:

Ethanol as an engine fuel emits less pollutants than gasoline, it is completely renewable product with good ecological implications, allows to increase economic and energy independence state and has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Simultaneously, ethanol-gasoline blends can present a multitude of technical challenges to engine operation including tendency to creation of very adverse deposits. The effectiveness of the special detergent additive and selection of appropriate dose plays a key role in counteracting the problem. A primary driver for the increase in development in the special additives technologies for E85 fuels (fuel containing 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline) is effective use of energy, reduction of pollution emission and limiting of greenhouse gas emissions. Devising and development this kind of novel multifunctional additive packages (combinations of additives carefully chosen for their complementary effects) for E85 is the main purpose of the project. This prime objective will be achieved by the synthesis of detergent additives representing different chemical structures (e.g. low molecular weight polymers) and a multifunctional additive package for high ethanol gasoline blends. Engine simulation tests to be crucial to development and final, comprehensive assessment of ethanol-gasoline blends additized with the novel multifunctional additive packages. Industrial and commercial exploitation of the multifunctional fuel additive package for ethanol fuels devised in the project should lead to reduction of the negative impact of engines air pollution emissions and greenhouse gases and aerosols emissions on the natural environment what is a prioritized project research topic.


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