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CORE, Programme area: environment; ID: 200375



Project title: Conception of reuse of the waste from onshore and offshore drilling in the aspect of environmental protection


Acronym: RWPI


Project Promoter: AGH University of Science and Technology, The Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: The University of Stavanger, The Faculty of Science and Technology


Project cost (EUR): 638 608


Grant amount (EUR): 638 608

Duration: 33 months






Project summary:

The continuous increase of  global demand for energy resources forces humanity to intensify the onshore and offshore search for petroleum and natural gas. Every type of such activity, however up-to-date methods it implements, leads to environmental degradation.  One of the environmentally  harmful effects of this type of activity is the creation of of drilling wastes.
In the drilling practice the most common wastes consist of  used drilling fluids and bore dusts which generate problems with their further use. The problem with drilling wastes usage results from the fact that drilling fluids consisting of multiple chemicals after use evolve into material difficult to exploit due to both chemical and physical reasons.
The increasing requirements concerning environmental protection force drilling companies to search for more effective methods of waste neutralization and management. To meet the above mentioned requirements authors of the here by project propose a more effective technology of usage and disposal of drilling wastes generated in course of drilling works performed both on and offshore in comparison to the currently used method.
The authors propose a comprehensive method of management of both solid and liquid components of drilling wastes generated in course of drilling works both from oil and water based muds. This method shall consist of the creation of mixture of transformed drilling wastes with raw materials which are carriers of active loamy components including also local soil. Thus created masses may find application in the reclaiming of degraded areas, ground levelling, filling the mining excavations or in the performance of surface counter-filtration layers.
Moreover, the recipes of sealing slurries with the addition of drilling wastes shall be developed, also following the thermal desorption processes. Slurries of this type may also be used for the liquidation of exploitation boreholes and geological-reconnaissance holes.


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