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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 201888



Project title: Impact of climate change on biodiversity and spread of invasive species - A study on Arion slugs


Acronym: WARION


Project Promoter: Jagiellonian University\Faculty of Biology and Earth Sciences


Polish partners: Institute of Plant Protection - National Research Institute


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Institute for Agricurtural and Environmental Research, Plant Health and Plant Protection Division


Project cost (EUR): 980 493


Grant amount (EUR): 965 059

Duration: 40 months






Project summary:

Climate change affect on  impact and range of biological invasions, one of the major drivers of biodiversity changes. The ecological and economic consequences of interaction of both phenomena are still partly understood and difficult to predict.  The objective of project ‘’WARION’ is generate significant new knowledge on the impact of climate change on the spread of invasive species joining forces Poland and Norway institutions.  The main purpose is to create model  of further expansion of A. vulgaris, infamous “Iberian slug”, to predict further spread of other invasive species with increase of environmental temperature. We will achieve new scientific knowledge on the phylogeny of invasive Arion slugs and their parasites giving long awaited insights to their origin and spread. We will also aim to find novel biological control agents of A. vulgaris possible to apply in future and thus contributing to non-toxic environmentally friendly alternatives for pest management.  We intend to maintain the long term callaboration between our countries and we believe that the consortium initiated in this project will form an excellent basis for future research applications. Our collaboration will enable engaging  students which will  be co-supervise and encouraged to take steps to write new proposals within the EU funding system.


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