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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: environmental engineering; ID: 209947



Project title: Application of laboratory method of selfabrasion to determind the pace of erosion processes occuring in mountain streams  


Acronym: Abrasion


Project Promoter: University of Agriculture in Krakow


Project cost (EUR): 65 940


Grant amount (EUR): 65 940

Duration: 24 months






Project summary:

The ideology of the Project is statement, that as a result of weathering processes in soil skeleton there are changes in its outer layers (more weathered skeleton coat bigger changes), which provides to change of physical and mechanical characteristic of those layers. In basis of elaborated methodology this way of thinking has been reversed to following one: changes of physical and mechanical characteristic of consecutive layers of the skeleton according to unweathered particles of soil core, show degree of weathering. This assumption allows to search the way of mechanical split the weathered layers of the skeleton in the subject of its resistance for abrasion. In the framework of this project it is proposed to use laboratory method of self-abrasion of soil skeleton to determine rate of erosion processes that take place in the bed of the mountain stream. Examine of the self-abrasion will be performed in apparatus constructed specially to this purpose basing on authorship research methodology. Basing on the research results, it will be possible to determine rate of erosion in the riverbed, which causes, among others, deepening of the bed and change of hydrous conditions of the basin. Essence of the proposed method is to determine liability to progressively self-abrasion of the outer layers of the rubble in hydrous environment. Intensification of weathering process is highly related to water access, which is very good solvent. Therefore in hydrous environment with some kind of rocks (sedimentary) self-abrasion of the particles should be quicker. Liability for selfabrasion in controlled laboratory conditions was recognized as mechanical property. In case of verification of proposed research method it is possible to forecasting and prevent erosion phenomena, also at large area approach.


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