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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: materials engineering; ID: 210733



Project title: Nanomaterials for hydrogen storage


Acronym: NanoHYD


Project Promoter: AGH University of Science and Technology; Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science


Project cost (EUR): 82 997


Grant amount (EUR): 82 997

Duration: 23 months



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Project summary:

Satisfying the rapidly growing needs for green energy supply is the challenge of today’s science. The project aims at the development of clean energy storage systems based on hydrogen as an energy carrier. The main objective of this project is to develop the modern hydrogen storage tank. The novel nanomaterials based on titanium-nickel and titanium-magnesium multicomponent alloys will be synthesised, optimised and used for this purpose. The nanomaterials will exhibit better applications-related properties. The increased hydrogen capacity for the developed nanomaterials will be achieved. The intended outcomes of the project are to develop the cost and performance-efficient nanomaterials for environment-friendly energy storage, to support the wider usage of renewable energy and increase the popularity of the cost-efficient energy storage solutions.


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