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Small Grant Scheme; Level: PhD; Discipline: electronics; ID: 211067



Project title: Signal Reconstruction in Event-Driven Signal Processing


Acronym: SIREN


Project Promoter: AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Faculty of Applied Mathematics


Project cost (EUR): 49 437


Grant amount (EUR): 49 437

Duration: 27 months



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Project summary:

Proposed project focuses on the event-driven signal processing, asynchronous analog-to-digital conversion and application of irregular sampling and frame theory to the signal reconstruction algorithms.
Conventional signal processing is based on uniform sampling requiring a synchronizing clock which is a major energy consuming element of the architecture and it becomes a main problem in wireless sensor devices with limited battery life, like implantable biomedical devices. On the contrary, the event-driven signal processing is self-timed and forced by temporal changes of the signal.
Although perfect signal reconstruction for the event-driven sampler is impossible, the approximate reconstruction procedure can be obtained. The claim of the project is that the proper choice of the frame with respect to the localization properties of the frame operator will allow for further reduction of the computations.
The project will be carried out through analytical description of the reconstruction in the irregular setting, elaboration of the algorithms and numerical simulations. Results of this project will be of main interest to engineers dealing with specific areas of signal processing.


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