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CCS; ID: 235294



Project title: Multifield CO2 Storage for Environment and Energy


Acronym: MUSE


Project Promoter: AGH University of Science and Technology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: The University of Stavanger\Department of Petroleum Engineering


Project cost (EUR): 1 319 986


Grant amount (EUR): 1 319 986

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

The MUSE project aims to develop innovative technologies that enable the injection of carbon dioxide into oil reservoir in the final stage of exploitation for a safety storage of the gas and obtaining additional oil (combining Carbon Captur and Storage - Enhanced Oil Recovery, CCS - EOR). Proposed research will expand knowledge of the phenomena occurring in the Carpathians oil reservoirs associated with injection of carbon dioxide and is a crucial step for CCS implementation in Poland.  Environmental impact will be magnified, in addition to reducing greenhouse gases also oil spills appeared recently in some abandoned oil fields in Poland will be eliminated by revitalisation of these fields.

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