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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 196243



Project title: Climate change impact on hydrological extremes


Acronym: CHIHE


Project Promoter: Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of Sciences


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate


Project cost (EUR): 562 971


Grant amount (EUR): 562 971

Duration: 39 months






Project summary:

CHIHE will advance our basic scientific understanding of recent and future changes in floods and droughts through: (i) the statistical analysis of observed hydro-meteorological time series with a focus on extreme events, (ii) development of hydrological projections for likely changes in extremes, including an assessment of uncertainty in the projections, and (iii) the further development and application of methods for flood and drought frequency analysis within a non-stationary framework. (iv) development of adaptation strategy to future floods. The focal study areas will be in Poland and Norway, and the collaboration will build on and strengthen existing expertise in the analysis of extremes in the participating institutions. In addition to the scientific output of the project, the project will also develop recommendations for an adaptation strategy for managing the impact of climate change on hydrological extremes in Poland, with a particular focus on flooding within the context of the European Flood Directive. CHIHE participants will also actively engage with the international research community and thereby further strengthen links between international, Polish and Norwegian research activities.


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