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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 196911



Project title: Impact of absorbing aerosols on radiative forcing in the European Arctic


Acronym: iAREA


Project Promoter: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics


Polish partners: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Science


Norwegian Partners: Andoya Rocket Range; Center for International Climate and Environmental Research


Project cost (EUR): 989 675


Grant amount (EUR): 989 675

Duration: 40 months






Project summary:

The iAREA project is combined of experimental and theoretical research in order to contribute to new knowledge on the impact of absorbing aerosols (mainly soot from human-made and natural sources, mineral dust and volcanic) on the climate system in the European Arctic. According to the last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and findings of researchers around the world particles which strongly absorb the solar radiation are considered to be important contributors to the global warming, as they are a crucial component for the energy balance in the climate system. The main goal of the iAREA project is to quantify the impact of the vertical profile of absorbing aerosols on solar radiation budget in the European Arctic. This will be made through the experimental studies of various physical processes involving absorbing aerosols and by numerical modeling of aerosols and by developing of a methodology to measure vertical profiles of the aerosol optical properties.

The scope of the works within the project facilitates the determination of the degree of the impact, which man-made aerosols over the European Arctic have on the total radiative budget. 


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