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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 197810



Project title: A novel approach to monitoring the impact of climate change on Antarctic ecosystems


Acronym: MONICA


Project Promoter: Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences


Polish partners: Warsaw University of Technology, Institute of Aeronautics and Applied Mechanics


Norwegian Partners: Northern Research Institute Tromsø


Project cost (EUR): 964 834


Grant amount (EUR): 964 834

Duration: 40 months






Project summary:

Purpose of this project is to create a unique scientific workshop for gathering and processing geospatial data for the area of King George Island in the Antarctica from monitoring results of climate change in this region. Data collection will be conducted using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for recording information in many spectral ranges. Data processing will be based on digital algorithms used in the remote sensing of environment, as well as on author’s methods developed by the team of scientists participating in the project.
The following research hypotheses are assumed in the project:  automated unmanned systems equipped with advanced technological solutions, which enable flights over the areas with limited access like King George Island in the Antarctica: navigation system of the plane will collect information necessary for automatic geometrization of aerial images(with no necessity to use the geodetic control network). Using this method will allow obtaining photographic material without necessity of conducting additional ground measurements (the main difficulty, which occurs within such areas, is limited occurrence of situational details, which are easily identifiable on the photos).


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