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CORE; Programme area: health; ID: 198939



Project title: Targeting neutrophil peripheral membrane proteins: novel therapeutic avenues in chronic inflammatory diseases


Acronym: MemThera


Project Promoter: University of Warsaw, Centre of New Technologies


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: University of Bergen, Department of Molecular Biology


Project cost (EUR): 793 120


Grant amount (EUR): 793 120

Duration: 48 months






Project summary:

The objective of this proposal is to develop compounds that can form the basis for new therapeutics for chronic inflammatory diseases. The project will contribute to the development of novel treatment strategies for these chronic diseases which are mostly caused by smoking of cigarettes. It will also contribute to the development of methodology to search for novel drugs targeting protein-protein interfaces. We will model the interactions of proteins connected with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and computationally design compounds that block these protein-protein interactions. In the next stage we will use experimental molecular biology techniques to verify that the proposed compounds inhibit the required protein-protein interactions.


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