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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 199522



Project title: Mires and climate: towards enhancing functional resilience of fen peatlands


Acronym: MIRACLE


Project Promoter: University of Warsaw/Faculty of Biology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, Section of Natural History


Project cost (EUR): 957 547


Grant amount (EUR): 957 547

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

Fen mires belong to the most threatened European ecosystems, that are affected by climate change, especially through changes in precipitation and frequency of catastrophic events. The MIRACLE project, a co-operation of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw and the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, aims to improve knowledge about the mechanisms of ecological resilience of fens and to propose strategies for long-term enhancement of fen biodiversity and their ecosystem services. It is planned to produce ecological models, based on analyses of large data sets of palaeoecological data (metaanalysis approach) as well as new data on current vegetation and site conditions collected in Polish and Norwegian mires. The models will be tested by analysing resilience capacities of fens in the Biebrza National Park (NE Poland) as a base to propose adaptation scenarios. Both research teams contribute their knowledge and datasets from long-term study areas. Combining different types of data in a work-space database will create an utility for next scientific projects and for nature management planning.


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