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CORE; Programme area: social sciences and bilateral relations; ID: 199921



Project title: Value of Transboundary Nature Protected Areas Situated near the EU Outer Borders




Project Promoter: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Economic Sciences


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Institute of Transport Economics (TØI)


Project cost (EUR): 510 999


Grant amount (EUR): 510 999

Duration: 35 months






Project summary:

Transboundary nature protected areas (TNPAs) contribute to the human welfare in Europe. However, their economically optimal allocation and management are complicated with the issues of cross-border nature as well as with lack of appropriate expertise. The study aims to find out empirically whether TNPAs located at EU’s outer borders are international public goods, by investigating people’s stated preferences and behaviour. The project will provide insights into how preferences towards TNPAs of the EU and non-EU citizens are shaped. At least two articles will be submitted to peer-reviewed journals; key findings, conclusions and political implications of the study will be communicated to concerned institutions, experts and public at large. Analysts and public servicemen will benefit directly, whilst the entire society would benefit in a wider context from economic optimisation of wildlife conservation. The partners will co-operate at all the project stages meaning consultations, information sharing, mutual assistance in expertise and joint research efforts. Partnership will facilitate research in a comparative setting, thus increasing explanatory power of the study.


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