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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 201304



Project title: Organizing for resilience. A comarative study on institutional capacity, governance, and climate change adaptation in Poland and Norway




Project Promoter: Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies University of Warsaw


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research


Project cost (EUR): 520 247


Grant amount (EUR): 520 247

Duration: 42 months






Project summary:

POLCITCLIM is a social science-based research that will study the factors that may influence climate change adaptation capacity  in Poland and Norway. The project will be carried out by the Department of Local Development and Policy, University of Warsaw and Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research (NIBR). An ongoing NIBR research on local adaptation to climate change in Norway will form the basis of the project. Through a replication and expansion of the study in Norway on Polish cities we will be able to do a comparison of the factors that enable local communities to adapt to future climate changes. As the consequence of climate change is predicted with ever greater certainty, the necessity of adapting to expected impacts is increasingly acknowledged by decision makers. Since climate change has local variations, much of the adaptation work is presumed to be best handled locally. The research to be conducted in Poland includes:

  • Survey of Polish local governments identifying the level of awareness of challenges related to climate change among local politicians and bureaucrats in Poland. To what extent they treat related challenges as an important issue of local politics? Do they believe that locally handled adaptive activities are actually important for the well-being of local communities?
  • Four case studies of Polish cities. The final selection of cases has not been made yet, but it is assumed that they will include:
  • City/municipality with increasing flooding problems .
  • City/municipality with coastal problems
  • A city region where flood problems are discussed through the inter-municipal cooperation
  • City/municipality which have either already adopted or is currently working on a strategy for climate change adaptation

The case studies will focus on attitudes of local politicians and bureaucrats but they will involve also research of the role of societal actors (eg non-governmental organizations).
Conclusions from the research will be disseminated to local governments and social organizations dealing with relevant issues.


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