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CORE; Programme area: social sciences and bilateral relations; ID: 202499



Project title: National and European Governance: Polish and Norwegian Cooperation Towards More Efficient Security, Energy and Migration Policies


Acronym: GoodGov


Project Promoter: The Polish Institute of International Affairs


Polish partners: Institute of Political Studies Polish Academy of Sciences


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Institute of International Affairs


Project cost (EUR): 882 348


Grant amount (EUR): 882 348

Duration: 35 months






Project summary:

Project GoodGov answers the question of how to govern better. First, it aims to provide a better understanding of the challenges to national and EU governance in the areas of security, energy and migration. Second, it defines the joint interests of Poland and Norway in these areas, and seeks to develop cooperation between the two countries. Finally, it plans to transfer the knowledge gathered through workshops, expert seminars, conferences and publications.
The project aims to provide policymakers with targeted recommendations, developed by researchers who will closely collaborate with stakeholders, and administration, business and civil society representatives. The mapping of interests will be done on the basis of extensive research, which will consist in six months’ worth of study visits to Norway, Belgium, Afghanistan and Russia. Researchers will analyse the following topics: security reforms and the regional cooperation of both countries; their energy policies in the context of sustainable development, and Russia’s influence on them; and migration policies in the EU and bilateral contexts, with a special focus on the countries’ Eastern borders and the Polish diaspora in Norway.
All research results will be available in the form of publications. Expert seminars will be organised in Warsaw and Oslo. Additionally, workshops will be held for the Polish administration in Warsaw. Finally, promotion of the final report will take place in Brussels. These actions will not only strengthen the relations between the two countries in the areas of security, migration and energy, but also create close links on the level of people-to-people ties. GoodGov will benefit various groups, from policymakers, through expert and business communities, to NGOs, and the societies that would benefit from better governance.


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