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CORE; Programme area: health; ID: 203111



Project title: Prevention of fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAIT) in Polish fetuses and new-borns  




Project Promoter: Institute of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Universitetet i Tromsø


Project cost (EUR): 947 851


Grant amount (EUR): 947 851

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

The aim of the project is to implement low-cost methods for identification of HPA1a negative women, whose children are potentially at risk of the so-called fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia (FNAITP) due to fetomaternal incompatibility in platelet alloantigen. It is a rare disease (1/1000 pregnancies) but can be very dangerous and lead to bleeding in the fetus or infant. Bleeding can cause brain damage, and sometimes even  death of a child. Our project involves the study of  30,000 Polish women; approximately 98% of them will receive test results informing of no risk of FNAITP due to HPA1a immunisation. The remaining 2%  who are at risk will be subjected to regular monitoring during pregnancy to administer appropriate treatment if need arises. We will also try to determine tests (so called biomarkers) that may be useful to predict the onset of the disease in the fetus - which - as we know - does not always occur. The  project involves  prophylactic examinations in 600 HPA1a negative women whose fetuses and newborns will  be the direct beneficiaries of the program. The outcome of the  project will help to develop a test system to be applied for all Polish women. This will be the long-term impact of the project. There are also basic scientific aims to the project – research on the pathomechanism of the disease will be conducted on the collected blood samples. The outcome of the project will contribute to better  AIMPN detection and treatment in Poland. The Polish and Norwegian teams have many years of experience in diagnostics and research on AIMPN - their interests are highly complementary andd both parties will benefit from the cooperation. The project may lead to long-term cooperation as one of the elements of the project is foundation of a joint sample Biobank.


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