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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 203156



Project title: Toward structural characterization of novel mechanism of inhibition of SnRK2s activity by calcium sensor (SCS) in plants


Acronym: SnRK-SCS


Project Promoter: Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: University of Tromsø, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Chemistry, The Norwegian Structural Biology Centre (NorStruct)


Project cost (EUR): 679 816


Grant amount (EUR): 679 816

Duration: 41 months






Project summary:

Climate change is projected to drought and salinity, along with anomalous temperature change, presenting serious challenges to agriculture and the environment. A major asset in anticipation of these threats would be the ability to obtain plants with enhanced tolerance to environmental stress. For this, knowledge of the mechanisms of plant stress signal transduction and plant defense against stressors is required. Recently, it was shown that SnRK2s are key elements of plant response to drought and salinity with their important role as positive regulators of stress tolerance. SnRK2 activity is strictly controlled inside the cell. The Principal Investigator of this application and co-workers have identified a cellular partner of SnRK2s. This protein is a plant specific calcium sensor that plays a role of SnRK2s` inhibitor in presence of Ca2+, named as SCS (SnRK2-interacting calcium sensor). In Arabidopsis two isoforms of this protein exist, AtSCS-A and AtSCS-B. The aim of the project is to establish the mechanism of inhibition and details of the interaction between SnRK2s and SCSs by determination of minimal SnRK2-SCS interacting fragments and crystallization and crystal structure solution of SCSs alone and in complex with SnRK2. Norwegian group expertise in crystallography of diverse protein kinases, determination of specific kinase structural features, especially as related to kinase and inhibitor interaction studies is crucial for realization of the project. The results of the planned studies should provide significant information on plant stress signal transduction pathways and in future should be useful in the development of specific tools for the environment protection against climate changes and for improvement of stress tolerance of crop plants.


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