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CORE; Programme area: environment, climate change including polar research; ID: 203426



Project title: Effect of climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions and biomass 




Project Promoter: Institute of Geodesy and Cartography


Polish partners: Institute of Technology and Life Sciences, Malopolska Research Centre in Krakow, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Department of Grassland and Natural Landscape Sciences


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO)


Project cost (EUR): 939 388


Grant amount (EUR): 939 388

Duration: 37 months






Project summary:

Monitoring of grasslands status and prediction of their changes is significant research in the designation of the important functions of grasslands. The prime objective of the proposal is an assessment of the effect of climatic changes on grassland growth, its water conditions and biomass. Forecasting the grassland biomass and indicating the influence of climate on grasslands growth could be an important tool in grassland management on the national, regional and single grassland scales. Remote sensing gives the possibility to estimate the grassland growth conditions what will be achieved applying NOAA.AVHRR, Terra.MODIS and future GMES Sentinel-2 data. Identification of grasslands throughout the country will be done using high-resolution satellite data being prepared as the layer for the Corine Land Cover. Various vegetation indices (NDVI, EVI, and others) also surface temperature, will be calculated from satellite data. Meteorological data along with satellite derived surface temperature will be used for estimation of potential and actual evapotranspiration and soil moisture index. Also radar data (Sentinel-1) will be used for examination of actual moisture conditions of different grasslands. Meteorological data will be collected: a/before satellite observations b/for years 1997-2015, to find the trends of climatic changes. Grasslands will be examined for biomass and different ecological, climatological and management conditions. The carbon balance will be measured to find the differences of carbon sequestration by different areas of grasslands. The relationship between in-situ measured biomass and LAI will be determined. The phytotron will be used for modeling of selected plant species influence to variation in environmental factors such as temperature and humidity and for modelling of environmental effects on transpiration. The areas of  grasslands, which have been affected by climate change will be described and the changes in bioparameters will be elaborated.


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