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CORE; Programme area: health; ID: 203468



Project title: Care support for elderly and disabled people by radar sensor technology


Acronym: RADCARE


Project Promoter: Warsaw University of Technology, The Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Bergen University College (BUC), The Faculty of Health and Social Science


Project cost (EUR): 955 301


Grant amount (EUR): 955 301

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

Research on new technology in care services for elderly people relates to the ageing of the European population and to increased needs for complex care services. We aim to support more secure life of ageing people at their own homes and to provide support for more comfortable life in nursing homes for elderly with advanced problems. Bergen University College (BUC) is active in the health-care research through The Centre for Care Research West Norway. The Center specializes in research on elderly people and introduction of new technologies helpful in this area of health-care and nursing. Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) has complementary hi-tech competence in advanced electronic and information systems. The Norwegian partner defines new needs to be solved in health-care and the Polish partner can provide innovative solutions based on modern electronic technologies. Strong focus on care research in Norway will enhance research-based knowledge development in Poland. When Polish partner will develop new technologies suitable for tackling new problems, new solutions can be adapted in Norway. Thus, the cooperation between partners can greatly boost development in health-care and nursing in both countries. Packages of smart technology for non-invasive monitoring of life functions will be developed, because elderly people don’t feel comfortable wearing device on their bodies and observation by cameras is D16problematic due to privacy violation. The project focuses on implementing ambient technology in care, involving a “package” of monitoring sensors and intelligent computing system providing information about measurements of human body movements and selected bodily functions in non-invasive way. The research results will also be useful in other areas e.g. towards disabled people and in non-invasive diagnostics of bodily functions for all people.


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