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Project title: E-QUALY: Polish-Norwegian project on the effectiveness and electronic quality assurance in endoscopy screening for colorectal cancer


Acronym: E-QUALY


Project Promoter: The Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre and Institute of Oncology in Warsaw


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Institute of Health and Society, University of Oslo


Project cost (EUR): 640 810


Grant amount (EUR): 640 810

Duration: 42 months






Project summary:

Despite that colonoscopy is an acknowledged and widely used method for colorectal cancer screening, its effectiveness in mortality and incidence reduction was not fully assessed. This project aims to perform a preliminary analysis of results of previous project NordICC – a multicenter, multinational randomized study, assessing the effectiveness of screening colonoscopy – and creation of digital system for colonoscopy quality assurance. There will be two project outputs: precise analysis of screening effects and the digital patient feedback questionnaire, assessing the patient satisfaction from performed screening procedure and 30-day complications of colonoscopy. The digital system will be implemented in all colonoscopy screening centers in Poland and Norway. Both Polish and Norwegian population will benefit by improving knowledge on colorectal cancer screening effectiveness. Another target group is population of patients undergoing colonoscopy – electronic feedback method aims to improve the colonoscopy quality. Both Norwegian and Polish representatives will tighten the collaboration in the field of colorectal cancer screening. The partnership will allow to better implement, execute and analyze the effects of such screening.


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