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Small Grant Scheme; Level: PhD; Discipline: chemical technology; ID: 206060



Project title: The development of enantioselective synthesis of Tapentadol




Project Promoter: University of Warsaw\Faculty of Chemistry


Project cost (EUR): 66 286


Grant amount (EUR): 66 286

Duration: 24 months



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Project summary:

Many of the drugs currently used in medicine practice are mixtures of enantiomers. For some therapeutics, single-enantiomer formulations can provide greater selectivities for their biological targets, improved therapeutic efficiency than a mixture of enantiomers.  Therefore the development of new synthetic strategies of enantiomericaly pure biologically active organic compounds is major aim of many research groups. Therefore this project intend to focus on the development of new enantioselective synthetic methods that allow for the preparation of commercially available drug. The main scientific objective of this proposal is to explore the possibility of stereoselective synthesis  of commercially available painkiller drug using tetrasubstituted α,β-unsaturated compound as a key precursor. The project is divided to 6 independent tasks that can independently lead to the final product. The results of this project will be use as a part of the habilitation of Principal Investigator as well as M.Sc thesis of students participating in this project. The results of this project will be published in international journals and will be presented as communications at International and Polish conferences and. Hopefully the results of this project could be used by pharmaceutical company as new and more convenient method for drug synthesis.

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