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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: biocybernetics and biomedical engineering; ID: 209584



Project title: Effect of selected echocardiographic data acquisition parameters on accuracy of the myocardial deformation estimation:
implications for the possible measurement procedure standardization.


Acronym: STEstand


Project Promoter: Warsaw University of Technology, Department of Mechatronics


Project cost (EUR): 98 802


Grant amount (EUR): 98 802

Duration: 42 months






Project summary:

Echocardiography is a routine noninvasive imaging technique that uses the ultrasound beam reflections from the heart structures. Visual assessment of the heart wall motion abnormalities are one of the most difficult issues in echocardiography which requires form investigator a lot of experience. Presence of grain (speckle) called acoustic markers is an echocardiographic image feature. The speckle tracking echocardiography (STE) uses change of marker position during the cardiac cycle to estimate the heart wall deformation. The deformation is defined as a change of distance between two fixed points of myocardial tissue measured at different time points of the cardiac cycle in relation to their starting position. It gives an objective quantitative indicator for assessment of regional myocardial contractile function. Lack of compliance of the results obtained using hardware and software from different manufacturers hinders the STE into routine clinical practice. The main objective of the project is to investigate the influence of selected echocardiographic data acquisition parameters (frequency of the emitted ultrasonic wave, length of the transmitted pulse, the size of the aperture transmit / receiver or beamforming) and type of input data used to estimate the deformation (the raw RF data, the baseband data, and B-mode data) on the estimation accuracy. The study will be conducted in physical models of left ventricle using measurement stand capable of producing wall deformation model similar to those observed for the heart wall in clinical trials. The results of numerical simulations FEM (Finite Element Method) will be used as a reference for assessing the accuracy of the estimation of physical model wall deformation. It is expected that the project will provide guidance on the selection of the parameters of echocardiographic data acquisition, as well as guidance on the standardization of STE.


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