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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: environmental engineering; ID: 209804



Project title: Integrated wetland flow model: A tool for management adaptation in protected wetlands


Acronym: WETFLOD


Project Promoter: Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Project cost (EUR): 90 484


Grant amount (EUR): 90 484

Duration:  30 months






Project summary:

Floodplain wetlands are the interface of agriculture, biodiversity and societies. Description of the complex hydrological processes and their interactions on the floodplains requires advanced computational research.
The objective of the Project is the development of integrated wetland flow model capable to simulate groundwater and surface water interactions.
These hydrological processes are compulsory to be modelled in order to assure the scientific background for adaptive ecosystem management in lowland floodplain facing land use pressures.  
Developed integrated model will let to assess water exchange between the floodplain and the aquifer in various compositions of landscapes and impacts with special regard to the climate change.
Project outcomes are aimed to reach the research society (as to the technical background of the modelling approach) and stakeholders responsible for ecosystem management in the area of research (as its practical implementation).


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