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Small Grant Scheme; Level: PhD; Discipline: architecture and urban planning; ID: 210329



Project title: M-BIST Decision Support Tool for Organic Municipal Waste Biogas Plants


Acronym: M-BIST


Project Promoter: Warsaw University of Technology, the Facutly of Architecture


Project cost (EUR): 96 478


Grant amount (EUR): 96 478

Duration: 24 months






Project summary:

In Poland the EU legislation referring to the waste management and green energy production still needs to be transposed. Organic recycling plants producing energy (anaerobic digestion plants producing  biogas) are considered to be the most environmentally friendly of all treatment options dedicated to the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW). It is due to the fact that they allow for a parallel material and energy recovery.
The general scope of the Project is the scientific and research support for introducing the anaerobic digestion as a treatment option for the OFMSW and the integration of waste and energy issues into spatial planning and investment procedures at a local level.
One of the most difficult issues is the sitting of a waste plant while assuring its integration with local infrastructures, avoiding local conflicts, and negative impacts on the environment. The Municipal Biogas Investment Support Tool (M-BIST) created within the project is intended to facilitate the investment process for anaerobic digestion plants based on OFMSW.
The M-BIST tool will use a multicriteria decision making methodology combined with a spatial GIS tool. M-BIST will be tested in chosen locations in Poland to investigate technical and economic conditions for its implementation. The outputs of the Project are sitting criteria as well as costs and benefits for anaerobic digestion based on OFMSW to be implemented in Poland.
The M-BIST tool will be designed for Polish waste management and green energy actors (municipalities, waste treatment plant operators, NGOs, project developers, investors) to support the sitting process; while taking into account economic, environmental, and social aspects; and helping local authorities to integrate results into spatial planning procedures.


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