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CCS; Programme area: environment; ID: 235083



Project title: Innovative Idea for Combustion of Solid Fuels via Chemical Looping Technology


Acronym: NewLoop


Project Promoter: Institute of Power Engineering


Polish partners: Częstochowa University of Technology


Norwegian Partners: IFE Institute for Energy Technology; NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research


Project cost (EUR): 1 729 894


Grant amount (EUR): 1 729 894

Duration: 36 months



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Project summary:

In consequence of the climate protection policy, strict targets of CO2-neutral power generation systems are a challenge, motivating for invention and implementation of new technologies. Project NewLoop concerns of new idea for solid-fuels combustion based on the chemical looping technology (CLC). Proposed idea will combine advantages of two, already known technologies: Chemical Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU) and in-situ Gasification Chemical Looping (iGCLC). The purpose of such combination is to make this new technology, highly efficient and flexible in regards to solid fuel type.  Although general idea of proposed technology is easy to understand, its technical realisation requires a number of consistent and comprehensive partial research grouped in 7 interconnected WPs. Research program will focused on evaluation, synthesis and characterization of various materials (oxygen carriers) dedicated for applications in CLC technology. Especially material's lifetime or minimal material to fuel ratios required for efficient fuel consumption will be determined on the basis of comprehensive laboratory tests. The combustion process complexity will be tested in specially design facility with fluidized bed reactor. Laboratory experiments will be supported by computational simulations, for better understanding of the combustion process, model improvement and scale-up procedures which will support the design of the concept of industrial CLC reactor integrated with heat and power production. Finally the environmental impacts of the CLC based technologies will be investigated.

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