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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 196128



Project title: Climate Change Impact on Ecosystem Health - Marine Sediment Indicators


Acronym: CLISED


Project Promoter: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences


Polish partners: University of Gdańsk (UG), Faculty of Oceanography and Geography


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI); Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology


Project cost (EUR): 961 770


Grant amount (EUR): 961 770

Duration: 39 months






Project summary:

Eutrophication (overnourishing and its negative effects) and pollutants are included to the most important problems of marine coastal areas. Cyanobacteria blooms are a.o. the eutrophication signs. Studies of pigments in deep sediments of the Baltic Sea indicate that eutrophication occurred with varying intensity over the past millennia, not only recently. Cyanobacteria blooms may have occurred as early as 7000 years BP. Knowledge about the natural toxicity of these sediments is very scarce, though both algal toxins and natural dioxins could have been produced during these episodes. Climate change may intensify / reduce the effects of pollution. Thus, climate change can affect, to different degrees, the marine environment and human health.
The aim of the project will be realized by studying natural and anthropogenic indicators of ecotoxicity in sediments, in relation to different geological sediment proxies. Recent and old (formed in historical times) sediments from coastal zones of different climate, hydrology and contaminant burial history will be analysed and compared: Gulf of Gdańsk (southern Baltic) and Oslofjord/Drammensfjord as well as in the Arctic region (Norway). Analysis of multi-parameter sets will indicate sediment variability connected to different climatic conditions for the studied areas, as well as threats of release of natural and anthropogenic toxicity as a result of climate change. This research will increase our knowledge and will be an important contribution to the implementation of EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and other management decisions related to the  marine environment.


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