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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 197025



Project title: Integrated technology for improved energy balance and reduced greenhouse gas emissions at municipal wastewater treatment plants




Project Promoter: Gdansk University of Technology/ Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Polish partners: Poznan University of Technology; Silesian University of Technology


Norwegian Partners: Aquateam COWI AS


Project cost (EUR): 923 485


Grant amount (EUR): 923 485

Duration: 44 months






Project summary:

The expected positive ecological effect of the project contributes to environmental protection through improvement of water and air quality as well as improvement of WWTP energy balance. It will be achieved by reducing nutrients loads, energy consumption and GHG emissions, together with onsite enhancing renewable energy sources utilization and economic efficiency of WWTPs. The aim of the project is a practical application of sustainable management by energy recovery and reduction of GHG emissions. It is expected that implementation of the novel integrated technology will lead to a major reduction in consumption of natural and non-renewable resources. The results obtained in the experimental part of the project will be the basis for the energy balance and estimation of the GHG emissions. Guidelines concerning design and operation of the integrated treatment system will be helpful for designers and contractors. The intended outcomes will be institutional cooperation and exchange of information among the scientists and stakeholders as well as the knowledge transfer both between Polish and Norwegian researchers and researchers and authorities/heads of WWTPs.


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