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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 199377



Project title: Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugial 


Acronym: GLAERE


Project Promoter: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences


Polish partners: Gdańsk University of Technology;The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science


Norwegian Partners: University of Gdańsk (Faculty of Biology); University of Gdansk (GIS Center); Sea Fishery Institute in Gdynia


Project cost (EUR): 965 275


Grant amount (EUR): 965 275

Duration: 39 months






Project summary:

The aim of the project is to assess the importance of tidal glaciers to seabrids , seamammals and cold water invertebrates on Svalbard. As the climate warming proceeds, the glaciers are melting fastr, some of them retreat on land leaving the tidal flats and river outflows. Where the glaciers are still calving to the fjords, large concentrations of seabirds and seamammals were observed feeding in near glacial bays. The pockets of very cold, saline and well oxygenated water were observed near the seabottom in number of glacial bays, and we expect those are the sites, where retreating cold water fauna may escape from the warming .


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