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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 200336



Project title: Vulnerability of the Arctic coasts to climate changes


Acronym: Arcoasts


Project Promoter: Institute of Hydroengineering PAS


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)


Project cost (EUR): 941 201


Grant amount (EUR): 941 201

Duration: 36 months



www: -



Project summary:

The Arctic region is exposed to natural hazards and it is particularly sensitive to global climate changes. The evolution of Arctic coast is already strongly influenced by the effects of global warming. Therefore conducting the research on the influence of waves on the permafrost is very important from both a scientific and a social point of view. The main objective of this project is to recognize all the physical processes that occur during the erosion of the Arctic shore including the sediment transport in nearshore areas. The analysis of the rate of erosion will be performed by both numerical and physical modeling of waves acting on the permafrost shore.
For theoretical calculations three-dimensional numerical models will be used. The estimation of permafrost vulnerability to climate changes, susceptibility of shoreline to sea waves and sea ice impact can be achieved by full-scale experiments at measurement sites in Svalbard (Norway). A very important part of the proposal will concern experiments carried out in the hydraulic laboratory of IBW PAN, Poland. Measured data sets recorded in field expeditions and experimental study will be used for validation of the numerical models and will constitute a unique and very extensive data base. Within the project the assessment of vulnerability of the Arctic coast to climate changes will be performed.


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