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CORE; Programme area: climate change including polar research; ID: 202006



Project title: Atlantic Water Pathways to the Arctic: Variability and Effects on Climate and Ecosystems


Acronym: PAVE


Project Promoter: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: Institute of Marine Research; Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center


Project cost (EUR): 882 803


Grant amount (EUR): 882 803

Duration: 44 months



www: -



Project summary:

Atlantic Water is the main source of heat, nutrients and plankton for the Arctic Ocean but its impact on atmosphere, ocean and ecosystem depends strongly on the pathway along which it enters the Arctic, through Fram Strait (warmer water) or through the Barents Sea (stronger cooling). PAVE is focused on investigating the response of the Arctic sea ice and biological environment to variability and recent warming of the Atlantic Water entering the Arctic Ocean. We seek the answer what determines a relative strength of the Atlantic inflow along two main pathways into the Arctic Ocean and how variability of the Atlantic Water properties and transport influence the climate, in particular retreating sea ice cover, and changing ecosystems in the European Arctic. For this purpose we will use historical time series, new dedicated field observations in Fram Strait and the Barents Sea, reanalysis data and state-of-the-art numerical models. The project will benefit all groups interested in the changing Arctic climate and environment. Joint work of partners with extensive experience in polar research will strengthen the project outcome and foster further collaboration.


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