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CORE; Programme area: gender equality and work-life balance; ID: 202343


Project title: Socio-cultural and Psychological Predictors of Work-Life Balance and Gender Equality - Cross-Cultural Comparison of Polish and Norwegian Families.

Acronym: WLB_GE


Project Promoter: University of Gdańsk


Polish partners: Institute of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Norwegian Partners: International Research Institute of Stavanger; Centre for Intercultural Communication; University of Stavanger


Project cost (EUR): 706 731


Grant amount (EUR): 706 731

Duration: 35 months






Project summary:

Promoting Work-Life Balance (WLB) and gender equality (GE) mainstreaming, enabling equal opportunities for women and men in advancing their professional careers, are suggested to build the effective economy of Europe in 21st century. Their positive effects are visible in Norway, while Polish society is in the moment of transition into more egalitarian society, where more emphasis is being put on the issues of WLB and GE. Our research project aims to explore WLB and GE issues asking 1. What happens when people migrate from less egalitarian (Polish) to more egalitarian (Norwegian) culture and 2. What facilitates and hinders the shift towards improved WLB and GE.

The foci of the project are factors operating at four levels: an individual level (psychological characteristics), a family micro-system level, a local community and migrant networks level, and a wider sociological and cultural level (Polish and Norwegian). The examination of an interplay between these factors will contribute to a better understanding of the problems encountered by Polish immigrant couples, and will produce valuable insights for policy making within gender mainstreaming both in Poland and Norway, but also Norwegian immigration politics.
The research plan consists of 5 Work Packages that complement each other, looking closely at different aspects of GE and WLB and being focused on different groups (individuals, couples and families, employees & employers, nationals and migrants). A broad spectrum of methods to collect and analyze data will be used: longitudinal and cross-sectional, qualitative and quantitative, as well as correlational and experimental. Trainings and advisory recommendations will be developed aimed at couples in general and institutions working with immigrants and gender equality. Collaboration within the project will also strengthen the networks between Norwegian and Polish research institutions and NGOs.


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