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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 202919



Project title: Pomeranian Biogas Model 




Project Promoter: InnoBaltica Sp. z o.o.


Polish partners: Gdańsk University of Technology; The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science


Norwegian Partners: Aquateam COWI AS


Project cost (EUR): 962 153


Grant amount (EUR): 962 153

Duration: 40 months






Project summary:

POM-BIOGAS project investigates possibilities of the organic fraction of municipal and industrial waste utilization for renewable energy (biogas) production. These concepts are not innovatively new, however, since it is not yet widely used in Poland due to a number of economic, social and technical barriers, it has been recognized that it is an imperative to investigate the possibilities of its wider utilization in the light of the numerous environmental constraints that humankind is currently facing. At the same time the project addresses the issue of waste volume reduction, by its employment as biogas production substrate. Its positive impact in the reduction of methane emissions through the use of this gas for energy production must not be neglected. In this light, the project seeks to analyse the best possible solutions for the effective organic waste management towards reuse of energy, with regard to the environmental, social and economic perspectives. Main project objectives include optimalisation of the substrate composition to achieve highest quality of the biogas, optimalisation of the biogas production process at the pilot installation and determination of the best possible uses for the biogas and digestate. The above tasks will be grouped into Work Packages and assigned to proper Work Leaders who’s extensive knowledge and experience will act as a warranty for the results quality. Final results may be useful as an inspiration for verification of the communal waste management plans and popularization of biogas plants utilizing organic waste for the substrate.


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