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Small Grant Scheme; Level: PhD; Discipline: chemical technology; ID: 207659



Project title: New photocatalysts for environmentally friendly recycling of water in the production of hydrocarbons


Acronym: FOTOKAT


Project Promoter: Gdansk University of Technology\Department of Chemical Technology


Project cost (EUR): 98 796


Grant amount (EUR): 98 796

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

There is a great demand to develop cheap and efficient method of treatment the produced water from recalcitrant and toxic organic compounds. Currently available water treatment technologies are cost-effective or merely concentrate the pollutants present by transferring them to other phases, but still remain and not being completely destroyed. Therefore an imperative and challenging issue is to develop novel environmental friendly and efficient technology of water treatment.The aim of the project is the development of a new generation photocatalysts highly active under visible light irradiation and used in environmentally friendly technologies related to hydrocarbons production. The specific objectives of the project are: characterization of novel and efficient visible light driven photocatalysts (nanoparticles morphology, size and shape, crystal structure, chemical and phase composition and optical, photocatalytic properties), report of bench scale experiments and pilot scale photoreactor installation for water treatment.The photoreactor design will focus on low operating costs inventions with high mass transfer rates (gas-liquid-solid phases), highly developed irradiation area and easily separated photocatalyst or preferably immobilized one of high activity and thus problematic separation will be avoided. The target groups of the project are companies involved in the production of hydrocarbons and treatment of produced wastewaters.


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