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Small Grant Scheme; Level: proffesor; Discipline: environmental engineering; ID: 207686



Project title: Third generation photoactive materials and new materials-based system for photocatalytic air treatment  




Project Promoter: University of Gdansk, Faculty of Chemistry


Project cost (EUR):  98 575


Grant amount (EUR): 98 575

Duration: 24 months






Project summary:

The aim of this projects is to develop a new materials belonging to the third generation of photoactive materials and to design/develop air treatment systems based on developed active materials. New materials should be highly active, stable and activated by low powered and low cost irradiation sources (such as LEDs or black fluorescent UV lamps). It allows to design and built highly efficient and relatively low cost systems to remove VOCs (volatile organic compounds), odorants and pathogenic microorganism from polluted air in the one system. New approach to research on photoactive materials, lead to highly promising prospects for development of new photocatalytic air treatment systems for a wide range of applications, such as air treatment of indoor air (houses, public buildings and hospitals).


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