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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: computer science; ID: 210629



Project title: Emotion Recognition for Affect Aware Video Games


Acronym: ERAAVG


Project Promoter: Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics


Project cost (EUR): 97 342


Grant amount (EUR): 97 342

Duration: 24 months






Project summary:

Emotion, or affect recognition is a key to create a truly affect-aware video games and other software. Unfortunately, there are no ready algorithms nor commercial systems available in this area. Thus, intensified research in this field is needed. Contribution  to development of affect-aware video games is expected as a project outcome.
This project has three main scientific objectives: creation algorithms for affect recognition of video game players, creation of a complete multi-modal affect recognition system to provide affect recognition of video game players and defining a framework that would enable cooperation between developed affect recognition system and any video game.
Specific project outputs include multimodal test database of emotions, algorithms for affect recognition, framework for cooperation between video games and affect recognition system, a model of player’s emotions, control mechanisms within the game reacting to the detected emotional state of the player and  a prototype  video game cooperating with affect recognition system using defined framework.


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