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Project title: Impact of potential leakage from the sub-seabed CO2 storage site on marine environment at relevant hydrostatic pressure


Acronym: CO2MARINE


Project Promoter: University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Oceanography and Geopgraphy


Polish partners: Medical University of Gdańsk


Norwegian Partners: SINTEF Materials and Chemistry; Norwegian University of Science and Technology; Norwegian Institute for Water Research


Project cost (EUR): 1 027 708


Grant amount (EUR): 1 027 708

Duration: 34 months






Project summary:

The CO2MARINE project sets out to assess the impact of increased CO2 level on geochemical processes in marine sediments and sea water as well as on benthic biota at high hydrostatic pressure. The project addresses thus environmental risk assessment related to potential CO2 leakage from sub-seabed storage site as indicated in the recent amendments to the London Protocol and OSPAR Guidelines for Risk Assessment and Management of Storage of CO2 Streams in Geological formations. In a series of short-term laboratory experiments, marine sediments and benthic species from the potential CO2 storage site in the Polish economic zone of the southern Baltic Sea will be exposed to different CO2 levels at water pressure relevant to the natural environmental conditions in the Baltic (water depth 90 m, 9 bar). Unique pressurised experimental facility (hyperbaric TiTank) will be employed to study CO2-induced modifications to chemical gradients and mobilization processes and their combined effects on marine organisms. Biological impacts will be measured using a multi-biomarker approach at different levels of biological organization, including communities and individuals, behavioural, histological, physiological and cellular responses. The CO2MARINE will generate new empirical data covering a range of potential CO2 exposure levels to define early-warning chemical indicators and biomarkers of environmental changes due to increased CO2 concentrations. The ultimate aim of the project is to identify appropriate methods to monitor the marine environment above a storage site, thereby providing support to potential CO2 storage site operations and environmental management of CCS under the seabed.

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