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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 196445



Project title: Application of an innovative expansion work recovery system with multiple ejectors for energy performance improvement in the R744 refrigeration installations for supermarkets




Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Institute of Thermal Technology


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: SINTEF Energiforskning AS


Project cost (EUR): 961 257


Grant amount (EUR): 961 257

Duration: 44 months






Project summary:

Supermarkets are commercial structures with intensive usage of primary energy carriers. Beside that the refrigeration plants and the air conditioning systems commonly installed in supermarkets emitting environmentally damaging refrigerants (HCFCs and HFCs)  have considerable share to the direct emission of greenhouse gasses
Hence, over the last years CO2 (R744) has increasingly been used as a thermodynamically efficient, natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, inexpensive and easily accessible alternative for synthetic refrigerants. However, at elevated ambient temperatures the HFC systems require slightly less energy compared to current R744 booster systems to provide the required cooling capacity, which obstructs phase-out of the HFC systems in hot climates. To counteract this effect, applying ejectors in R744 refrigeration systems is one of the best methods to reduce the throttling loss and increase the system energy efficiency to the values higher than for the HFC systems and the ordinary R744 booster system.
The project objectives are:

  • Confirmation of the R744 ejector system advantage over classic R744 booster systems, based on the results of field tests performed for real systems installed and loaded in supermarkets at various load profiles and ambient conditions.
  • Commercialization of ejector technology in the field of R744 refrigeration engineering.
  • Making the modified R744 refrigeration systems equipped with ejectors competitive with the HFC systems over the whole range of operating conditions (especially at high ambient temperatures).


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