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CORE; Programme area: environment; ID: 196923



Project title: Design, environmental impact and performance of energized fluids for fracturing oil and gas reservoir rocks of Central Europe  


Acronym: ENFLUID


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology


Polish partners: Oil and Gas Institute


Norwegian Partners: University of Stavanger


Project cost (EUR): 990 064


Grant amount (EUR): 990 064

Duration:  47 months






Project summary:

Hydraulic fracturing is an engineered propagation of fractures in a hydrocarbons reservoir rock by means of fluids injected at high pressure and in huge volume into a well. The formed fractures are kept open, due to the injected material like sand, enabling the fluid flowback and later the flow of oil and gas into the well.

The key objective of the project is development of energized fracturing fluids for use in oil and gas reservoir formations typical for the Central Euopean reservoirs, which are recently just in recognition. Transferring foreign experiences is not the solution, and already known methods may require modification or development.

Development of optimal energized fracturing fluid compositions for use in Central Europe, and also minimization of environmental impact of the backflow (waste water) in the fracturing process are the main goal of the project.

The project encompasses thorough research, including experimental tests in simulated reservoir conditions, on petrophysical properties of rocks and their evolution due to fracturing, and also the methods of treatment of the backflow.

Improving staff competence of Partner Institutions will be achieved through the engagement of researchers in challenging and innovative project tasks in an interdisciplinary team. Increase and spread the knowledge on fracturing: the results of the project, of the nature of the common good, will enable resolving controversies associated with fracturing and enbroaden the public, general knowledge. It will also be helpful in avoiding conflicts between the industry, environment protection, and the expectations of local communities.


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