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Small Grant Scheme; Level: professor; Discipline: metallurgy; ID: 204883



Project title: Investigations of drawing processes and determination the areas of application of innovative drawn products made from TRIP steel 


Acronym: WIRE-TRIP


Project Promoter: Czestochowa University of Technology\Faculty of Production Engineering and Materials Technology


Project cost (EUR): 96 505


Grant amount (EUR): 96 505

Duration: 24 months



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Project summary:

The project has to increase the competence , output and carrier advancement of female research. The research mentioned in the project are concerned with new grades of TRIP steel use for drawing products. Achieving the scientific goals set in the project will bring about a novelty in the knowledge of the subject and enable a comprehensive analysis of the research problem of the effect of individual factors on the transformation of retained austenite into martensite in drawing processes. This will open wide possibilities for searching for new areas for both drawing technology and the application of this type of material to innovative wire and rod products of unprecedented properties. It will also establish the position of the PI as one of the few specialists in this discipline of knowledge in the world.


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