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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: environmental engineering; ID: 205627



Project title: Mobility of arsenic antimony and chromium speciation forms in selected rivers ecosystems of Upper Silesia


Acronym: MoSpeSil


Project Promoter: Institute of Enviromelntal Engineering of the Polish Academy of Sciences


Project cost (EUR): 95 536


Grant amount (EUR): 95 536

Duration: 24 months






Project summary:

The results of toxicological tests demonstrate that specific element forms, rather than the total element content, often have a profound impact on living organisms. For that reason, understanding different forms of the element occurrence is more important than knowing total element content in the sample. It is believed that elements in ionic forms demonstrate biological activity and toxicity to living organisms. The project will allow gaining knowledge about redox and speciation changes of arsenic, chromium and antimony ionic forms in selected river ecosystems of Upper Silesia (Kłodnica, Bytomka, Rawa and Biała Przemsza rivers).  The aim of the project is to develop a new methodology for the determination of ionic forms of arsenic, antimony and chromium using hyphenated techniques of HPLC-ICP-MS.
Ion migration from the river sediments to water and vice versa is a complex process, and knowing the ratio between the different ionic forms of selected elements is important in the context of understanding changes occurring in the rivers ecosystems. The results will allow assessing the environmental risks associated with the presence of different ionic forms of these elements in selected rivers of Upper Silesia. These risks are associated not only with the presence, transformations and transport of water and sediment from the rivers of Upper Silesia into other Polish rivers, but also increasingly concerned emergencies such as floods. The project is intended to be a beginning of a long term national plan for water remediation. It provides the local government with the data needed for sustainable management of contaminated rivers. It will also provide to personal gain in competencies and expertise of Dr Jabłońska-Czapla. Dissemination of the results will take place through publications in international scientific journals and participation in conferences.
Expected beneficiaries are Environmental Protection Agencies and the Scientific Community in particular, dealing with the problems of environmental analysis.


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