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Small Grant Scheme; Level: proffesor; Discipline: mining and engineering geology; ID: 207125



Project title: Analysis of wellbore cement degradation in contact zone with formation rock  


Acronym: CEMENT


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Mining and Geology


Project cost (EUR): 96 869


Grant amount (EUR): 96 869

Duration: 27 months






Project summary:

Wellbore cement is used as a seal to secure and support casing inside the well and prevent fluid communication between the underground fluid-containing layers. During geological sequestration, CO2 is likely to react with formation fluids, reservoir rocks and wellbore cement in the injection zone. The acidification of the fluids may result in the dissolution of solid phases and formation of the new solid phases which may cause changes in rock and cement composition. The aim of the project is to determine the rock-cement interactions under simulated reservoir conditions by conducting laboratory-scale geochemical and mineralogical studies. The determination of whether zonal isolation deteriorates or improves through chemical reactions on formation rock and cement contact zone is essential in long-term safety and security of acid gases sequestration. The comparison of the obtained results (of experimental and modeling simulation) will benefit in the improvement of computer modeling implementation in the issues of acid gas – cement reactions.


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