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Small Grant Scheme; Level: post-doc; Discipline: environmental engineering; ID: 210247



Project title: Children exposure to indoor air pollutants in nursery schools 


Acronym: CHEIN


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Power and Environmental Engineering


Project cost (EUR): 96 904


Grant amount (EUR): 96 904

Duration: 21 months






Project summary:

Currently people spend 80-90% of their time indoor, what results in higher exposures to indoor pollutants. Children are one of the groups of high-risk. Their light-weight bodies respectively inhale more pollutants and their growing organisms are more sensitive than those of adults. Despite the fact that indoor air quality in nursery schools is an important factor of children exposure to some pollutants, so far this matter is poorly understood. Therefore, understanding how indoor air quality relates to outdoor concentrations is crucial to reduce adverse health effects. The realization of the project includes the concentration measurements of selected chemical and biological air pollutants in four nursery schools located in the central part of Upper Silesia during winter and spring seasons. As potential health relevant indoor pollutants, volatile organic compounds (VOC), particulate matter with aerodynamic diameter below 10 µm (PM10) and bioaerosols (fungi and bacteria) have been selected. Carbon dioxide concentrations as well as physical parameters (temperature and humidity) will be monitored as an indicator of ventilation efficiency. Realization of this particular quantitative analysis connected with survey researches and children observation may deliver data on potential health or well-being consequences.


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