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Small Grant Scheme; Level: PhD; Discipline: architecture and urban planning; ID: 210296



Project title: Modernist determinants in the spatial development of Katowice  


Acronym: modesdek


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology\Faculty of Architecture


Project cost (EUR): 60 442


Grant amount (EUR): 60 442

Duration: 33 months






Project summary:

The project is to indicate the impact of urban modernist strategy on contemporary image of the city to better understand the European heritage.  
The aim of the project is an attempt to answer following questions:

  • What was process of spatial development of Katowice on the background of urban development of the European thought?
  • What elements of the urban structure of Katowice created in modernism are urban and architectural determinants of characteristic city image?
  • What is the role of the city tissue formed in the period of modernism in the development of the modern city of Katowice?

Analysis of development of the European urban though based on spatial development of Katowice will allow to realize  processes which shaped contemporary Europe. Conclusions from the analysis would be basics of strategic documents for the spatial development of Katowice.
The project outputs will be publication of the dissertation, scientific presentations and publications of partial results to the scientific community, professionals specialized in town planning and the Municipality.
This project will benefit researchers and professionals specialized in town planning as well as the local authorities responsible for spatial policy.


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