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CCS; ID: 232738



Project title: Mild Oxy Combustion for Climate and Air


Acronym: MOCCA


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology\Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering


Polish partners: -


Norwegian Partners: SINTEF Energi AS, Trondheim


Project cost (EUR): 1 474 090


Grant amount (EUR): 1 474 090

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

One of the methods of eliminating CO2 impact on climate is combustion in oxygen instead of air. However this technology has serious disadvantages. The main objective of the project is to evaluate new combustion technology, combining combustion in oxygen and MILD combustion. This combination should result in increase of efficiency, reduction of harmful species formation and reduction in boiler size and in fuel-flexibility. In the first phase coal combustion model will be developed and validated. In the second the model will be applied for real-scale boilers modelling. SINTEF will play main role in developing models while Silesian University of Technology will concentrate on modelling of real scale boilers. It is foreseen that the project will allow to significantly strenghten the links of SINTEF with SUT in the area of combustion research.

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