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CCS; ID: 234830



Project title: Economically efficient and socially accepted CCS/EOR processes


Acronym: PRO_CCS


Project Promoter: Silesian University of Technology


Polish partners: Czestochowa University of Technology


Norwegian Partners: Stiftelsen Norsk Institutt for Luftforsknin; Stiftelsen Tel-Tek


Project cost (EUR): 1 247 715


Grant amount (EUR): 1 247 715

Duration: 36 months






Project summary:

There are several technological solutions for CO2 capture, transport and storage (CCS); however, it should be noted, that the application of CCS based on onshore transport and deposition is currently difficult for implementation from two main reasons: [i] this is not a profitable solution from the economic point of view, [ii] there is a lack of social acceptance for transport and storage especially for facilities interfering public and private properties, as well as, environmentally attractive areas. The project aims at formulation and elaboration of whole-chain CCS solutions representing substantially higher economic benefits and appropriate level of social acceptance. The core idea is based on advantageous integration between CO2 emission sources and CO2 consumers, considering there is both real and potential demand for the CO2 stream which may be utilized for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). The utilization of CO2 for additional revenue from oil produced, may lead to significant improvement of the overall CCS economy. Assuming that CO2 emitters are located in Poland, at the Baltic Sea coast, the obvious solution is to look for promising oil and gas fields located in Baltic Sea and/or North Sea. The offshore location of CO2 storage/utilization facilities should be beneficial also from a public acceptance point of view as number of collisions and interactions between different groups of stakeholders is inherently much lower. Within the project, CO2 capture technologies for power and other industrial sectors will be proposed and studied. Moreover, environmental impact analyses will be performed, where the main tool planned to be applied is the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method. The project results will be obtained for specific Polish site conditions. Through dedicated sensitivity analyses, more general conclusions on CCS application from technical, economic, environmental and public acceptance points of view, will be drawn.

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